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Michelle Hunziker, her daughter Sole’s special day: “Communion today”. The cute photo with big sister Aurora

It’s time for the sacraments. “Sole took communion”, writes Michelle Hunziker in her stories and publishes a photo of Aurora Ramazzotti, who, like a good big sister, accompanies little Sole and Celeste (whom she had with her ex Tomaso Trussardi) for the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan .

Sole wears the typical communion attire: a flower crown and a white dress. She is the protagonist of the day and Michelle announces this to the fans and also shows her outfit on social networks.


Michelle Hunziker, the celebrations

The showgirl’s followers are eagerly awaiting the next story to find out what celebrations Michelle has reserved for little Sun. How could her father, Tommaso Trussardi, be missed given the positive relationships he and Michelle maintained after the breakup? “Communion,” the entrepreneur writes in a black-and-white photo of himself with a garland on his head. Surprisingly, Michelle posted a photo with her brother: “My brother and I,” she captioned the story, in which they smile and hug.

Also present is the new addition to the Ramazzotti Hunziker family, little Cesare. Aurora Ramazzotti’s progenitor made little Sole and Celeste very young aunts. How could he miss his aunt’s communion?